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Welcome to Anima Aqua

Being a global supplier in UV water purification technology Anima Aqua Ro™ has designed the system to meet all the demands of NSF/ANSI water quality level with added features. You will be amazed to know that while several water purifiers available in the market deplete essential minerals naturally present in water, Aquafresh Ro water purifier machine retains these vital minerals and provides you water that is not just pure, but healthy too.

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Our Specialiazation

We have specialization in the area of water and in-depth understanding of a specific topic within water.

Bacteria and Virus Free

Anima Aqua RO UV Technology destroys microbes, bacteria, and viruses. The water quality is automatically monitored without any user interaction

Latest Technology

We use latest and best ro+uf+uv+ mineral catridges+iron remover+tds adjuster technology to the various requirement of commercial and domestic products with warranty.

Innovative Design

The Anima Aqua RO water purifier system’s award winning design with low price list in Delhi NCR makes it the perfect solution to provide safe

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Taste enhancer

A high performance purifier that features advanced features with a taste enhancer which is an added benefit.

Deep analysis

Using a combination of different filters and purification technologies, it makes sure the water is pure.

2 Passes of Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis truly is the heart of purification process. A naturally occurring purification process !

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We provide foremost edge design, investigative and evaluation services to help you maximize the water treatment system.

Anima Aqua Benefits

Product Warranty

With few exceptions, all are covered under a one-year warranty against defects. Any part that fails within the one-year period will be replaced- without cost for parts or shipping.

  • Published upgrated model
  • Commercial use
  • Onsite integration
  • Client Requests
  • Updated
  • 24/7 Support
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Microbes and Germs Free Approach towards Life

The water quality is automatically monitored with no user interaction required.

  • Published upgrated model
  • Commercial use
  • Onsite integration
  • Client Requests
  • Updated
  • 24/7 Support

Anima RO System Shipping & Installation

Installation is the initial and very important step once you have finalized on the purifier brand and made a purchase. Only if the RO installation shall happen as directed, the system can be expected to deliver results; in fact, operate at all.

Install RO water purifier and protect yourself from water-borne disease. If you don't have a water filter and you are looking for the RO installation then you should choose RO Care India for the installation of water filter machine.


You can’t always trust the safety of the water coming out of our taps or wells.